STRATHAM, N.H. — A 13-year-old boy in New Hampshire adopted from Ethiopia is getting help for a bone marrow transplant – from his brother and sister in his home country.

Behaylu Barry was adopted at age 6 by Aidan and Midori Barry of Stratham.

WMUR-TV reported that in February, doctors confirmed he had severe aplastic anemia, a disorder in which the bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells. He needed a bone marrow transplant.

Behaylu is one of six children. The Barrys contacted a friend in Ethiopia, who got a test kit to a family member in Africa. The kit was sent back, with news that there were two matches for him.

“That hope was there. I was just so happy,” Midori Barry said.

The Ethiopian embassy and New Hampshire’s U.S. senators helped to expedite documents needed for Behaylu’s 16-year-old brother and 9-year-old sister to travel.

The two were scheduled to be evaluated Monday at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, with the bone marrow transplant scheduled for May.

Behaylu said he is extremely grateful, adding, “to go to a whole different country and continent is pretty scary. I’m just so happy that they wanted to.”