Westbrook High School’s Top Students

Amber L. Wallace, daughter of Edward and Danica Wallace. Honors:  Valedictorian; National Honor Society-11,12(President); Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal; Class Treasurer-11,12; All-State Band-11; Honors Band-9,10,11; SMAA All Academic; Most Improved Swimmer-11,12. Academic awards in Mathematics and Social Studies.  Activities:  Envirothon-9,10,11,12(Co-Captain); Jazz Ensemble-9,10; Key Club-11,12(Treasurer); Marching Band-10,11,12(Section Leader-12); Math Team-9,10,11,12(Captain 10,11,12); Spanish Club-9,10,11,12(Secretary); Student Council-11,12(Parliamentarian 11,12); Outdoor Track-9; Swimming-11,12.  Future Plans:  major in Computer Engineering at Lehigh University (PA).

Morgan J. Rielly, son of Brendan and Erica Rielly. Honors:  Salutatorian; National Honor Society-11 (Parliamentarian),12; Class President-9,10,11,12; Rotary Youth Leadership Award; Dirigo Boys State; City Council Student Rep-10,11,12; SMAA All-Academic; Most Improved-JV Soccer; Perseverance Award; Barnum & Bailey-Civic Leadership (Gold Meal–co-founder Re-Play). Academic awards in English, Spanish, Mathematics and Social Studies. Activities:  Tennis-9,10,11; Swimming-12; Soccer-9,10,11,12; Student Council-9,10,11(Vice-President),12(President); Spanish Club-9,10,11(Vice-President),12(President); School Newspaper-11(Co-Founder),12; Math Team-12; Key Club-10,11,12; Jazz Ensemble II-9; Envirothon 9,10,11,12; Maine Historical Society Intern-11; Mayoral Debate Panelist-12. Future plans:  major in History at Bowdoin College.

Jordan J. Gattine, son of Drew and Elizabeth Gattine.  Honors: Honor Essayist; National Honor Society-11,12(Treasurer); Class Treasurer-10; Class Vice-President-11; SMAA All-Academic; Rookie Award-Swimming.  Academic awards in Spanish and Social Studies.  Activities:  Envirothon-9,10,11,12; Marching Band-9,10,11,12(Section Leader); Math Team-9,10,11,12; Peer Mentoring-11,12; School Newspaper-12; Student Council 10,11(Historian),12(Vice-President); Swimming-9,11,12; Tennis-9,10,11,12.  Future plans:  major in Chemistry at Cornell University (NY).

Molly A. Douglass, daughter of Wesley and Maura Douglass. Honors:  National Honor Society-11,12; Tri-M Music Honor Society-12(President); Honors Band-9,10,11,12; Maine All-State Music Festival-9,10,11,12(Highest Score); Williams College Book Award;  SMAA All-Academic; Most Improved-Swimming; National Association for Music Education-Honors Ensemble-12.  Academic Awards in English, Spanish, Music, Science and Social Studies.  Activities: Swimming-10,11,12; Outdoor Track-11,12; Cross Country-12; Spanish Club-9,10,11,12; Marching Band-10,11,12; Key Club-10,11,12(Secretary 11,12); Jazz Ensemble-9,10; Jazz Combo-9,10; Envirothon-9,10,11,12; Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra-11; Portland Youth Symphony Orchestra-9,10,11; Portland Youth Wind Ensemble-9,10,11. Future plans:  will attend the University of New Hampshire.

Sabrina M. Gattine, daughter of Drew and Elizabeth Gattine.  Honors:  National Honor Society-11,12(Secretary-12); Class Director-10; Class Secretary-11,12; Honors Band-11,12; SMAA All-Academic.  Academic award in Science.  Activities:  Tennis-9,10,11,12(Co-Captain); Student Council-10,11,12(Secretary 11,12); Spanish Club-9,10,11,12; RSVP-11,12; Peer Mentoring-11,12; Math Team-9,10,11,12; Marching Band-9,10,11,12(Section Leader); Jazz Ensemble-9,10,11,12; Envirothon-9,10,11,12; Big Brother/Big Sisters-12 . Future plans:  major in Biology/Pre-Med at Hamilton College (NY).


Kelly C. Wilson, daughter of Peter and Denise Wilson.  Honors: National Honor Society-11,12(Historian); Phi Beta Kappa Award; Rotary Youth Leadership Award; SMAA All-Academic. Academic awards in Latin, Spanish and Mathematics.  Activities:  Tennis-9,10,11,12(Captain); Student Council-11,12; Spanish Club-9,10; Sock’n Buskin Theater-11; Peer Mentoring-11; Math Team-9,10,11,12; Jazz Ensemble-9; French Club-9; Envirothon-12.  Future plans:  study Romance Languages at the University of Maine.

Julianne M. McLaughlin, daughter of Rex and Katherine McLaughlin. Honors: National Honor Society-11,12; Smith College Book Award; Superintendent Advisory Council-11,12; School Board Student Member-11,12(Sub Committee in Education Programs/Policy).  Academic awards in Chorus, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Activities:  Sock’n Buskin Theater-9,10,11,12(President); Peer Mentoring-11,12; Math Team-9,11; Key Club-10; Internship with politician-12. Future plans:  major in Political Science at the University of Maine at Farmington.

Noah J. Collins, son of Gary and Susan Collins. Honors:  National Honor Society-11,12; Coach’s Award-Football, Basketball; SMAA All-Academic; Jukado-Blackbelt. Academic awards in Mathematics and Science.  Activities:  Lacrosse-11,12(Co-Captain); Football-9,10,11,12(Tri-Captain); Basketball-9,10,11,12(Tri-Captain); Big Brothers/Big Sisters-11,12;   Future plans:  major in Physics/Engineering at Saint Anselm College (NH)

Jacob C. Violette, son of Michelle Pettengill of Westbrook and Jay Violette of Florida.  Honors:  National Honor Society-11,12; Honors Band-10,11,12; Bausch & Lomb Award.  Academic award in Music. Activities:  Jazz Ensemble-9,10,11,12; Key Club-10; Marching Band-9,10,11,12(Section Leader); Math Team-9,10,11,12; Peer Mentoring-12. Future plans:  major in Aeronautical Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (FL).

Jessica W. Childs, daughter of Bill and Betsy Childs.  Honors:  National Honor Society-11(Treasureer),12; Coach’s Award-Cross Country; SMAA All-Academic; Most Improved-Indoor Track, Cross Country.  Academic award in Latin.  Activities:  Big Brothers/Big Sisters-11; Outdoor Track-9,10,11,12(Co-Captain); Indoor Track-10,11,12(Tri-Captain 11,12): Cross Country-9,10,11(Co-Captai),12(Captain); Student Council-12; Spanish Club-9; School newspaper-11,12; RSVP-11,12; Math Team-9,10,11,12; Latin Club-12; French Club-9.  Future plans:  major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine at the University of New Hampshire.+

Westbrook High School Class of 2014

Shahad Al Bdoor
Sarah Al Mukhtar
Aquai Alexander
Jamal Ali
Hend Alzefiri
Joshua Ames
Myranda Amundsen
Daytona Arsenault
Lukas Arsenault
Treyjon Arsenault
Delaney Baither
Paige Baldwin
Brittany Barrett
Christopher Beahm
Angela Beattie
Cassandra Bedard
Katheryn Berry
Austin Blake
Ashley Brown
Joshua Butoto
Katie Call
Robert Cannell
Samuel Carroll
Kyleigh Caston
Blake Chase
Noah Chauvette
Jessica Childs
Noah Collins
Ashleigh Conley
Christopher Connolly
Kianna Cooper
Jacob Crawford
Matthew Creenan
Alec Crimmin
Sydney Davis
Sophie DePalma
Kelsey Donohue
Ryan Doody
Molly Dorn
Beck Doucette
Darian Doucette
Molly Douglass
Madison Drew
Leah Driesen
Kourtney Drummond
Saleh Elhag
Jesse Elwell
Zachary Emerson
Tyler Emmons
Aniah Fennie
Tyler Flaherty
Siobhan Foley
Noah Fredette
Kristian Gallagher
Marissa Gallant
Javier Garcia
Jordan Gattine
Sabrina Gattine
Alexander Gauvin
Rachel Germaine
Garrett Gilliard
Ryan Gilligan
Owen Gillis
David Ginsberg
Brooke Goodwin
Paul Gorham
Justin Goulet
Michael Gowen
Brianna Gross
Anna Haggerty
Denise Hambelton
Maguire Harnois
Jacquelyn Harris
Kyle Heath
Alexander Howe
Jessica Howe
Cameron Hutchins
Gretchen Hutchins
Tyler Jack
Mersadie Jackson
Payden Jacobsen
Collin Joyce
Michael Kelley
Kaleb Kent
Nicole Kirkpatrick
Anna Kostopoulos
Brian Lawson
Micaela LeBeau
Rachel Lloyd-Taylor
Sophia Loose
Abdullah Mahmood
Filip Manjencic
Sydney Marchand-Sirois
Emily Marean
Selena Massie
Dana-Michelle Matthews
Gabriel Maxwell
Brittany McCarthy
Martin McInnis
Shawn McKeough, Jr.
Julianne McLaughlin
Nicholas Minor
Nicole Miranda
Abdullahi Mohamed
Neven Mohammad
Rukhsar Muhammad-Ibrahim
Emily Mullen
Ethan Nash
Michael O’Brien
Julia Patrie
Jordan Pitt
Arthur Plaisted
Trevor Ponomarenko-Story
Laura Pratt
Trevor Prescott
AnnDrew Pryor
Kristen Randall
Brandon Richard
Lynn Richards
LelaMarie Richardson
Morgan Rielly
Emma Riley
Lindsey Robichaud
Aidan Rodier
Brindi Ross
Sammantha Russell
Sydney Sanders
Matthew Sanderson
Gary Patrick Sanville
Tristian Savage
Hussein Sayed
Caitlin Searles
Dominique Segler
Kaitlynne Shugars
Hailey Sinnett
Melissa Smith
Andrew St. Clair
Caitlyn Stearns
Abdifatah Sugule
Bethany Swanson
Ashley Tapia
Isaac Theriault
Kyle Thibodeau
Emma Tompkins
Raquel True
Paige Turcotte
Lois Turner
Akwero Vincent
Jacob Violette
Samantha Walden
Amber Wallace
Tiffany Warren
Jacob Webster
Jonathan Wescott
Zackary Wescott
Danielle Williams
Darien Williams
Sasha Williams
Kelly Wilson
Tylor Work
Christina Wormell
Megan Zabenko

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