Re: “Personal income from government sources growing in Maine” (May 6):

Staff Writer Whit Richardson ought to blame the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis for the limited categories of income listed in their report.

I have been living comfortably in retirement in Maine for 22 years now. More than 90 percent of my retirement income comes from Social Security and an employer-sponsored pension plan, to which I deposited 6 percent of my income, year after year.

I can’t determine where my corporate/personal pension is shown in the report.

For certain, Social Security and Medicare should not be listed as government income since they are both fully funded over the years by those who benefit from them. When they start running short of that income, the government does not bail them out but restructures the eligibility guidelines and/or the percentage contribution as necessary.

We will not know the true sources of income until those very large income sources are correctly categorized. This will help us to begin to understand the real scope of our income situation.

Roger Rotvig



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