On June 10, I’m going to vote for Andrea Boland, Democratic candidate for the Maine Senate in District 33.

As a progressive woman actively working all my life to improve the quality of life for many underserved populations, I am delighted to support Andrea Boland.

She cares about what I care about – she wants to raise the minimum wage, she wants to make sure that women get equal pay for doing the same work as men and she knows that women are capable of making decisions that affect their own bodies. Andrea Boland is both pro-choice and pro-marriage equality.

Andrea Boland’s four terms in the Maine Legislature have given her the experience and demonstrated her determination to work steadfastly and articulately for strong and healthy communities, all without special interest money pushing her to vote against her true values.

She has worked to ensure the safety of electrical transmission lines, supported legislation that protects the health of children and families and received national recognition for promoting legislation to better control banking and Wall Street practices.

I believe Andrea Boland has the integrity to promote transparent political decision-making and a strong commitment to both local and larger communities. I urge you to use your voice by voting for Andrea Boland on June 10.

Linda J. Lyman