I read with great interest the recent article about expanding the Metro bus service to include Cumberland, Yarmouth and Freeport (“Metro eyes growth of bus service north, south of Portland,” May 14). I would be extremely pleased if this increased service occurred.

Presently, I take the bus from Falmouth to Portland on a weekly basis. The No. 7 bus is usually on time, clean, and well served by the polite and friendly operators, some of whom I remember from my former Metro service days in the ’80s and early ’90s. Living in Yarmouth I must find a way to get to Falmouth to use the bus service – not always easy since I do not drive. I think that expanded service would be well utilized as many people I chat with on the bus choose to use the bus from Falmouth as I do, but getting to the present end of the line in Falmouth presents somewhat of a problem. As Cumberland, Yarmouth and Freeport continue to grow, Metro service to these communities is vital, not only providing transportation for the many who have no other means of travel, but also for those who would choose to leave their car at home.

Simply said, I am very much in favor of expanding the Metro service to Cumberland, Yarmouth and Freeport.

Don Northrop