KENNEBUNK — Residents of Atria Kennebunk recently celebrated the work of artist in residence Katharine Cornbrooks of Kennebunkport. Cornbrooks is originally from New York, and moved to Washington, D.C. with her family at the age of 10. In her 20s, she worked as a fashion illustrator creating ads for newspapers while her husband Charles was away in the Navy.

“I wanted to make money and decided to do something I would enjoy. Back then, all ads were drawn, unlike today where photographs of models are taken. They don’t interest me. I miss the classic sketches,” she said.

While living in Kennebunkport, Cornbrooks did many architectural drawings of the Kennebunks and famous buildings in Block Island, R.I. She completed these assignments for various projects, books and magazines. She now resides at Atria Kennebunk.