Portland New High School’s Top Students

Annette Pelikan Denekas, daughter of Craig Denekas and Betsy Pelikan, is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2014.  While at Portland High School, she was a member of the Executive Board, President of the Key Club, Editor of the Yearbook, Captain of Varsity Tennis, Varsity Indoor Track and participated in Anatomy of Leadership.  Outside of school, Annette volunteered monthly and on holidays at nursing homes and Maine Medical Center performing piano recitals.  Annette has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old.  Her academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors throughout her high school career, recipient of the Yale University Book Award, an AP Scholar Award, and National Latin, Greek, and Mythology Exam Awards.  Most recently, Annette is the recipient of the Maine Principal’s Award which recognizes a senior’s academic achievement and citizenship.  Annette plans to attend Dartmouth College.

Monica D. Reno, daughter of Robert Reno, Jr. and Moira Reno, is the Salutatorian of the Class of 2014.  While at Portland High School she was a member of the Executive Board, Secretary of Student Council, Captain of Outdoor Track, Captain of Indoor Track, on the soccer team, the Math Team, the Yearbook Committee, and a Peer Tutor.  Monica was an altar server at St. Joseph’s Church, a volunteer at the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, a counselor at First Lutheran Day Camp and a soccer referee.  Monica’s academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors throughout her high school career, an AP Scholar Award, National Latin and Greek Exam Awards, a Citizenship Award, and the Harvard Book Award.  She was also a participant in the SMAA Student-Athlete Summit.  Monica plans to attend Wellesley.

Eleanor Waldman Altholz, daughter of Eric Altholz and Mary McQuillen, is Co-Editor in Chief of the Bulldog Edition, a member of the Portland School of Ballet’s CORPS Pre-Professional Ballet Training Program.  Eleanor is passionate about dance.  Eleanor’s academic achievements earned her the Springfield College Book Award, a National Merit Scholarship Award, the PHS Citizenship Award and the National Spanish Exam Award for two years.  Eleanor plans to attend Barnard College.

Evan Latane Peaco, son of Daniel and Lindley Peaco, is President of Student Council, a member of the Executive Board, Math Team, Robotics Team, Debate Team and a Math Tutor throughout his high school career.  He is a volunteer worker at the Maine Children’s Cancer Program Walk and an academic coach and mentor with the Make It Happen Program.  Evan’s academic achievements earned him membership in the National Honor Society, the Williams College Book Award and a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist.  Evan plans to attend the University of Maryland at College Park.

Victoria Rose Clayton, daughter of Ray and Michele Clayton, is a member of the Executive Board, SADD, Musical Theatre, and Captain of the Field Hockey Team and MVP Award.  Eleanor has played piano for ten years performing in recitals at MMC, and assisted living homes for the elderly.  Victoria’s academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors throughout her high school career, the National Spanish Exam for two years, and the Smith Book Award.  Victoria plans to attend Smith College.


Allison Denise Briggs, daughter of Robert and Deborah Briggs, is a member of the Executive Board, Key Club, Co-President of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Captain of Field Hockey Team and Assistant Captain of Ice Hockey Team.  She has volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, Partners for World Health, Downtown Worker Appreciation Day, Preble Street Soup Kitchen, Maine Marathon, the St. Jude’s Charity Walk and the United Way Day of Caring.  Allison’s academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors throughout her high school career, , the Mount Holyoke Book Award, and a bronze and silver medal on National Latin Exams.  She was chosen to be a school representative to the Athletic Sportsmanship Conference.  Allison plans to attend Simmons College.

Jesse Lupica-Nowlin, son of David Nowlin and Lois Lupica, is a member of the Executive Board, Academic Decathlon, Captain and Founder of the Real World Design Challenge, Robotics Club, Math Team, Peer Tutor for Make it Happen Program, Visual Editor for the Bulldog Edition, and Captain of the Jazz Band.  Jesse is a self-taught jazz guitarist, volunteers as a sing along leader at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital most of his high school career.  Jesse’s academic achievements earned him the CIEE Korea-US Youth Network Scholarship, awarded a Research Fellowship at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, a member of District 2 and All-State Jazz as a guitarist.  Jesse plans to attend Cornell University.

Jeremy Ravenelle, son of Robert and Elizabeth Ravenelle, is a member of the Sailing Team, Nordic Ski Team, Outdoor Club, Cross Country Team and Co-President of the Environmental Club.  His academic achievements earned him membership in the National Honor Society, High Honors throughout most of his high school career, Unity College Book Award, PHS English Improvement Award, PHS Citizenship Award, one Bronze and three Silver medals for National Spanish exams.  Jeremy plans to attend Colby College.

Laura Lee Frank, daughter of Halsey and Eva Frank, is a member of SADD, the Executive Board through her junior year, is Co-Captain of the Nordic Ski Team, was on the Maine Eastern High School Championship Team her junior year, Lacrosse Team for four years, and Cross Country. Laura writes freelance articles for newspapers and magazines. The Portland Press Herald published a series of three articles regarding her experience appearing in the Maine State Ballet’s productions where she danced for 12 years. She is currently writing a guide for children to the Portland Museum of Art. Laura’s academic achievements earned her membership in the National Honor Society, the Swarthmore Book Award, the PHS Citizenship Award, a Latin Award for three years, and a Greek Merit Award. She was a PHS representative to the SMAA Scholar/Athlete Symposium through her Anatomy of Leadership membership. Laura plans to attend Cornell University.

Kate Elisabeth Dennehy Hull, daughter of John R. Hull, Jr. and Susanni Douville, is a member, throughout her high school career, of the Drama Club, Shakespeare Club and Co-President of the Photo Club. She is a member of Indoor Track, French Club and the Executive Board her junior year. She volunteered in Protecting the Pacific where she went to Costa Rica this past summer. Kate’s academic achievements earned her High Honors and Honor Roll throughout her high school career, the English Book Award, the PHS Citizenship Award, membership in the National Honor Society her junior year and the AP Scholar Award. Kate plans to attend Oberlin College.



Scholarship Recipients 2014

Albing, Edward Scholarship:  Alex Abreu
Allen, David W. Memorial Scholarship:  Evan Anthony Gallant
Anderson, Mable & Walter Memorial Scholarship:  Monica D. Reno
Anderson, Michael J. Memorial Scholarship:  Emily S. Burton
Angelo, James Memorial Scholarship:  Liban Ahmed Hassan
Bank of Maine Scholarship: Katharine Shambaugh
Bennett, Mary B. Scholarship: Andrea Megan Chim
Berkowitz, Leon Memorial Scholarship: Laura Lee Frank
Blanchard, Alanson Scholarship: Kaitlin E. Plourde
Bleier, Rose Class of 1950 Scholarships:  Jona C. Odulio, Charlotte Atkinson Spritz, Michelle Lin Zhao
Brown, James Memorial Scholarship:  John Wescott Carroll
Carr, Kathleen Scholarship:  Cassandra R. Kennie
Chase, Isabella Preble Scholarship:  Sarah Sterling Gale
Class of 1939 Scholarship:  Samuel Ian Freedman
Class of 1943 Scholarship:  Jacob Tzvi Morrow-Spitzer
Class of 1953 Scholarship:  Antonio M. DiPietro
Class of 1969 Scholarship:  Jesse Lupica-Nowlin
College Club, Portland Scholarship:  Kate Elisabeth Dennehy Hull
Connolly Family Scholarship: Gloria M. Mahame, Nilab Nasrat
Corbin, Mary Scholarship: Farah Duale
Cormier, Garrett Memorial Scholarship: Luigi John Grimaldi IV
Cushman, Rufus Cutler Class of 1865 Scholarships: Annette Pelikan Denekas, Evan Latane Peaco
Custis, Alice L. Scholarship: Jesse Lupica-Nowlin
Damren, Doris H. Scholarship: Sarah Sterling Gale
Davis, Marcella Class of 1925 Scholarship:  Chandler Thomas Sturgeon, Delogu Family Scholarship, Allison Denise Briggs
DeVilleneuve, Benjamin Memorial Scholarships:  Emma Catherine Campbell, Natasha Dennison
Drees, Maurice Scholarship: Jacob Tzvi Morrow-Spitzer
Dunnell, Lyman & Jean Memorial Scholarship: Eliana Finberg
Early College for ME Scholarships: Areej Al-Shamari, Brian S. Cobb, Jr., Jacob M. Dunton, Zachary D. Hodgdon, Maria E. Reyes-Peraza
Elowitch, Abraham Scholarships: Annette Pelikan Denekas, Monica D. Reno
Elowitch, Yudy Scholarship: Anthony Dominic Green
Finard Properties Scholarship: Arianna Burns
Finn, Ruth H. Family Scholarship: Madeline Briana Holton
Fitzpatrick, James J. Scholarship: Jacob M. Dunton
Foley, Virginia M. Scholarship: Kaitlyn L. Christy
Gerber Family Scholarship: Jacob L. Fogel
Gorham Savings Scholarship: Cassandra R. Kennie
Green Memorial Scholarship: Liam O’Neill Fox
Gribbin, Peter Scholarships: Elizabeth Jin Yu Harris, Hannah M. Stenberg
Harbor Lights Foundation Scholarships: Rokaia A. Mahdi, Fatouma S. Barkad
Hibbard Family Scholarship: Hannah M. Stenberg
Hutchinson, Muriel A. Scholarship: Kelly A. Walsh
H.W. Longfellow Chapter No. 82 Scholarship: Arianna Christine Dilios
Johnson, James and Jeannine Memorial Scholarship: Brianna J. Holdren
Johnson, Theodore Scholarship: Benjamin Samuel Hart
Johnson, Theodore Scholarship: Jorge Guardado
Jones, Ray Memorial Scholarship: Stephen John Barry
Kochian-Parseghian, Family Scholarships Fund: Justin Alexander Very, Silvia Donna Baxter, Kayla Drew Berg, John Harder, Zora C. Kesich, Elizabeth Evans, Kaitlin E. Plourde, Kiana Lynn Sawyer, Julie Orrego, Samson Alexander Martin, Alexis Ann DiBiase, Quentin Ndayishimiye, Hodan Mohamed
Krekorian, Gary P. Memorial Scholarship: Jayvon Pitts-Young, Matthew Talbot
Lano, “Handy Andy” Andrew Memorial Scholarship: Justin Zukowski
Leahy, Mary Memorial Scholarship: Elizabeth Jin Yu Harris
Lee, John “Red” Memorial Scholarship: Hallie Kellina Allex
Lee, Richard E. Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Sterling Gale
LeGage, David N. Memorial Scholarship: Emma Chance
Levey, Abraham S. and Fannie B. Scholarship: Margaret Adham, Hannah M. Stenberg
Loomis, Charles and Marjorie Scholarship: Jyllian Berube Lizanecz
Lowe, Arthur W. Scholarship: Aidan T. Bowe
Mahoney, Ellen Cavanagh Scholarship: Brianna J. Holdren
Maine Red Sox Scholarhip: Jacob Tzvi Morrow-Spitzer
Mandela, Nelson Scholarship: Ebonie Rose Stevens
Mandela, Nelson Scholarship: Laura Lee Frank
Mathews, Captain and Mrs. Richard Scholarship: Annette Pelikan Denekas
Mavadones, Michael N. Memorial: Trinh Thi Le
McGarvey, Richard Scholarship: Annette Pelikan Denekas
McGrath, Jean Memorial Scholarship: Francesca Silvia-Ola Magno
Merritt, Devon Coaches Award Scholarship: Daniel Martin Kane, Zachary Alvin Glanville
Moore, Lyman Middle School Scholarships: Emily S. Burton, Annette Pelikan Denekas, Ryan Dixon, Travis B. Godbout, Anthony Dominic Green, Cassandra R. Kennie
Moran, Lynn Memorial Scholarships: Arianna Burns, Georgianna Elizabeth Elwell, Luis A. Ramos-Dubon
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution: Laura Lee Frank

Pooler, Janna Memorial Scholarships: Amira Said Abdullahi
Portland Administrators Association Scholarship: Jeremy Ravenelle
Police Athletic League Scholarship: Justin Zukowski
Portland Boys and Girls Clubs Alumni Scholarships: Travis B. Godbout, Brianna J. Holdren, Steve Rwendeye
Portland Education Association Scholarships: Kaitlin Michelle Rutherford, Liam O’Neill Fox
PHS Athletic Alumni Club Scholarship: Kaitlyn L. Christy
PHS Boosters Baseball: Owen Philip Driscoll Pence
PHS Boosters Boys Basketball: Travis B. Godbout
PHS Boosters Girls Basketball: Brianna J. Holdren
PHS Boosters Cheering: Trinh Thi Le
PHS Boosters Boys Cross Country: Jacob Tzvi Morrow-Spitzer
PHS Boosters Girls Cross Country: Sarah Sterling Gale
PHS Boosters Field Hockey: Nyalida Deng
PHS Boosters Football: Jacob L. Fogel
PHS Boosters Golf: Silas Corman
PHS Boosters Boys Ice Hockey: Zachary Alvin Glanville, Michael Patrick Fuller, Zackery M. Luce, Chandler Thomas Sturgeon
PHS Boosters Boys Indoor Track: Anthony Dominic Green
PHS Boosters Girls Indoor Track: Elizabeth Jin Yu Harris
PHS Boosters Boys Lacrosse: John Wescott Carroll
PHS Boosters Girls Lacrosse: Erin Ann Mahoney
PHS Boosters Girls Outdoor Track: Monica D. Reno
PHS Boosters Sailing: Madeline Briana Holton
PHS Boosters Skiing: Benjamin Allen, Laura Lee Frank
PHS Boosters Boys Soccer: Charles Frederic Gauvin, Jr.
PHS Boosters Girls  Soccer: Emma Huntington Stehli
PHS Boosters Softball: Cassandra R. Kennie
PHS Boosters Boys Swimming: Christopher Ryan Tomascak
PHS Boosters Girls Swimming: Emily S. Burton
PHS Boosters Boys Tennis: Alex Abreu
PHS Boosters Girls Tennis: Kayla Drew Berg
PHS Boosters Wrestling: Kidayer Aljubyly
PHS Cluster V Scholarships: Arianna Burns, Justin Cedrone, Spencer Jeremy Cohen, Luigi John Grimaldi IV, Konnor Ith-Saunders, Mindy Ruby, Ami Rose Violette
Portland Middle School Hockey Scholarship: Stephen John Barry
Portland High School Basketball Scholarship: Justin Zukowski
PHS Student Council Scholarship: Monica D. Reno
Portland Pottery Scholarship: Arianna Christine Dilios
Portland Youth Football League Scholarship: Luigi John Grimaldi IV,

Preti Awards: Ryan Dixon, Annette Pelikan Denekas
Pringle, Harry R. Service and Leadership Award: Bridget Jane Ruff
Quinn, John P. and Winifred A. Memorial Scholarship: Rokaia A. Mahdi
Rand, Ted and Audrey Memorial Scholarship: Finn Bradenday
Reiche, Laura K. and Howard C. Memorial Scholarship: Jesse Lupica-Nowlin
Reny Charitable Scholarships: Travis B. Godbout, Francesca M. Guaciaro, Bennison C. Hagelin, Marlina Phan
Rosenthal, Maurice & Doris Memorial Scholarship: Evan Latane Peaco
Serunian, Arthur Jr. Memorial Scholarships:  Annette Pelikan Denekas, Jeremy Ravenelle
Shatz, Fannie and Sarah Memorial Scholarship: Silas Corman
Silver, Hyman and Sidney Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Helene O’Brien
Silverman, David K. Scholarships: Victoria Rose Clayton, Eleanor Waldman Altholz
Soule, Clara by Samuel Weisman Scholarship:  John Harder
Soule, Clara Watch: John Harder
Talbot, Franklin Scholarship: Silvia Donna Baxter
Tevanian, Casper Memorial Scholarship: Bridget Jane Ruff
Trefethen, Evergreen Improvement Association Scholarship: Ruby Murdock
Tyler Grandmaison MELMAC Scholarship: Paul Foster
Unity Lodge #3 Scholarship: Katharine S. Freund
Volger, Ted Memorial Scholarships: Ryan Dixon, Jayvon Pitts-Young, Joseph W. Apon, Evan Anthony Gallant, Justin Zukowski
Walch, J. Weston Scholarship: Georgianna Elizabeth Elwell
Whittier Award, Altrusa Club of Portland’s Alice:  Amanda Gould

The Class of 2014

*National Honor Society

Abbas Abbas
Maryan Mohamed Abdi
Amira Said Abdullahi
*Alex Abreu
Mohamud Shariif Mohamed Adan
Margaret Adham
Areej Al-Shamari
Kidayer Aljubyly
Muna Ahmed Ali
Saido Ali
Benjamin Allen
Hallie Kellina Allex
Eleanor Waldman Altholz
Rachel Karen Anderson
Mariana Angelo
Joseph W. Apon
Olivia Lauren Apon
Hugues Kadogo Bakunda
Fatouma S. Barkad
Stephen John Barry
Ivy Rain Bateman
Silvia Donna Baxter
Samantha Beaulieu
Christian Copper Bentley
*Kayla Drew Berg
Chala Bingham
Rachel Lee Boucher
*Aidan T. Bowe
Johnny James Boyd III
Finn Bradenday
*Allison Denise Briggs
Arianna Burns
*Emily S. Burton
Emma Catherine Campbell
Ciara Tourangeau Cardona
John Wescott Carroll
Justin Cedrone
Emma Chance
Amber Sunshine Chiles
*Andrea Megan Chim
*Kaitlyn L. Christy
Julie Orrego
*Evan Latane Peaco
*Owen Philip Driscoll Pence
Ashley Marie Perkins
Marlina Phan
Kaitlyn Ryleigh Phillips
Jayvon Pitts-Young
Kaitlin E. Plourde
Luis A. Ramos-Dubon
*Jeremy Ravenelle
*Monica D. Reno
Maria E. Reyes-Peraza
Zoe H. Rivera
Tyler A. Roma
Mindy Ruby
*Bridget Jane Ruff
Kaitlin Michelle Rutherford
Steve Rwendeye
Evan M. R. Sampson
Kiana Lynn Sawyer
Ali Sayed
Jayce L. F. Segler
*Katharine Shambaugh
Alexander Andrew Simmons
Catherine Sirois
*Victoria Rose Clayton
Brian S. Cobb, Jr.
Spencer Jeremy Cohen
Silas Corman
Sairon L. Cosmas
Katelynn Ruth Croston
Alyssa Marie D’Andrea
Carl M. Dagnese
Ibrahim Dahir
*Annette Pelikan Denekas
Nyalida Deng
Natasha Dennison
Alexis Ann DiBiase
Arianna Christine Dilios
Luciano DiMillo
Nicholas Mark DiPalma
Antonio M. DiPietro
*Ryan Dixon
Brandon J. Dostie
Darryl Gideon Dotson, Jr.
Farah Duale
Jacob M. Dunton
Georgianna Elizabeth Elwell
*Elizabeth Evans
Christopher Shane Eye
*Eliana Finberg
Jacob L. Fogel
*Paul Foster
Aurora Lynn Fotusky
Liam O’Neill Fox
*Laura Lee Frank
Samuel Ian Freedman
Katharine S. Freund
Michael Patrick Fuller
*Sarah Sterling Gale
Evan Anthony Gallant
*Charles Frederic Gauvin, Jr.
Abigail Kate Gervais
*Zachary Alvin Glanville
Travis B. Godbout
Amanda Gould
Kiril S. Slussky
Juslyn Taylor Jean Smith
Dariann Sobin
Phearom Sary Sok
Charlotte Atkinson Spritz
Emma Huntington Stehli
Hannah M. Stenberg
*Ebonie Rose Stevens
Antonise E. Stewart
*Chandler Thomas Sturgeon
Matthew Talbot
Christopher Ryan Tomascak
Samantha Helen Topchik
Jeanne Uwera
Emily R. Vance
Justin Alexander Very
Ami Rose Violette
*Kelly A. Walsh
Jaron White
T’Keyah White
Yusuf Yama
Celeste M. Young
Michelle Lin Zhao
Justin Zukowski
*Ava B. Zwolinski
*Anthony Dominic Green
Luigi John Grimaldi IV
Francesca M. Guaciaro
Jorge Guardado
Bennison C. Hagelin
Logan Hall
Ahmed Hameed Al Sammrai
John Harder
Diamond M. Hardy
Ronald LeRome Hargrove, Jr.
*Elizabeth Jin Yu Harris
Enrica Harris
James E. Harrison
Benjamin Samuel Hart
Ajna Hasanovic
Hamdi Ibrahim Hassan
Liban Ahmed Hassan
Maimuna Mohamed Hassan
Sabrin A. Hassan
Mujgan Hassanzada
Crystal Michaella Herrick
Gene Francis Herrschaft
Sarah Ann Lucy Hesselink
Peter Hill
Zachary D. Hodgdon
Jordan E. Hodge
Brianna J. Holdren
*Madeline Briana Holton
Jane Elizabeth Howard
Brett Elton Howell
*Kate Elisabeth Dennehy Hull
Ubah Hussain-Ali
Abdinoor Hussein
Isaiah Uri Israel-Copeland
Konnor Ith-Saunders
Cesar Juarez-Mendez
Daniel Martin Kane
Ulrich Kavuyimbo
*Cassandra R. Kennie
Zora C. Kesich
Patience Kimana
Sammy Krupski
Robert John Lajoie-Eames
Trinh Thi Le
Clara Ledman
Anthony Joseph Lewis
Jyllian Berube Lizanecz
Pamela Lobor
Francis Lohio
Zackery M. Luce
Colby John Lunn
*Jesse Lupica-Nowlin
Margret S. Mabruk
Aliyah MacFarlane
Francesca Silvia-Ola Magno
*Gloria M. Mahame
Rokaia A. Mahdi
Erin Ann Mahoney
*Abram R. D. Marr
Samson Alexander Martin
Janessa Marie McAlpine
Cody Allen McCormack
Jasmine Chantel McCowan
Ashley Marie McDonough
Shannon Lynne McGorrill
Joseph W. Menard
Aisha Ahmed Mohamed
Hodan Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed
Emma Alice Monaghan
Shelby Maxine Montanez
*Jacob Tzvi Morrow-Spitzer
Mukhtar Ahmed Mukhtar
Ruby Murdock
*Nilab Nasrat
Quentin Ndayishimiye
Haley Nelson
Clementine Nyabintu
Claudine Nyasuku
*Abigail Helene O’Brien
Jona C. Odulio
Dekow Omar


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