The police presence around a Brunswick elementary school will be increased Tuesday after students reported seeing a suspicious vehicle Monday whose driver appeared to be armed with a handgun.

Jean Skorapa, principal of the Harriet Beecher Stowe School on McKeen Street, notified parents and posted a message on the school’s website about the incident.

Skorapa said third-grade recess was ending when students noticed a light blue car parked by a fence on McKeen Street with more than one person inside. One of the individuals “was holding what appeared to be a weapon,” she said. Several third-graders informed the duty teacher.

Brunswick police Sgt. Jonathan O’Connor later described the weapon as a handgun or possibly a walkie-talkie radio. O’Connor said police are taking the threat seriously, regardless of what type of device the students saw.

O’Connor said two people were seen inside the vehicle. He said there were either two females or a man and a woman. Video surveillance cameras mounted on the school provided some footage but not enough detail for police to identify the make and model of the car.

“The officer who investigated felt it was not necessarily a threat, but it was definitely suspicious,” O’Connor said.

The car drove away less than minute after the students spotted it, police said. Skorapa said the individuals did not come into contact with any children.

As a precautionary measure, students were kept inside the school for the remainder of the day. Skorapa also decided to cancel Monday night’s ice cream social at the school.

In her message to parents, Skorapa said there was an increased police presence around the school Monday and patrols will continue on Tuesday.

“Please be assured, the safety of all our students and staff continues to be our highest priority,” Skorapa wrote.