DYERSVILLE, Iowa — Actor Colin Egglesfield wasn’t in the classic baseball film “Field of Dreams.” But if they built a screen in center field, he would come.

When Egglesfield heard about plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release on Father’s Day weekend in Iowa, he flew to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, picked up his dad and drove six hours to the farm where it was filmed. The Los Angeles-based Egglesfield, most recently seen on TV shows such as “Rizzoli and Isles” and “The Client List,” and his father reached Dyersville in time for a viewing of the movie on the outfield grass with scores of others, including star Kevin Costner.

That’s when “Hey dad, you want to have a catch?” got them all, all over again.

“My brother had one arm around my dad. I had my arm around him as well. It was just water works,” Egglesfield said of the film’s memorable final scene.

The site of the film about an Iowa farmer who hears a voice whisper “If you build it, he will come” and follows through by creating a baseball diamond in a cornfield has become a tourist destination since the movie’s release in 1989.

Stars such as Costner and Timothy Busfield joined celebrities like Egglesfield, American League Cy Young award winner Bret Saberhagen and thousands of fans at the remote locale. Among the weekend’s activities was a chance for dozens of dads to play catch with their kids – boys and girls – in the outfield on Saturday.