Kudos to Gov. Paul LePage for acting on current federal welfare reform law by denying taxpayer paid benefits to undocumented illegal immigrants. This will quite possibly turn out to be an important proactive move for the state as thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the country’s southern border.

The border patrol cannot keep up with the flood and the government is sitting on its hands. (For example, the Secure Fence Act of 2006 mandated that the border be secured with 700 miles of secure fence; only 32 miles are complete.)

As the crisis at the border deepens, thousands are being bused to other states and dumped at bus terminals. It’s not a stretch to think that many of these illegal immigrants will find their way to any and all cities that do not currently enforce federal laws regarding welfare or immigration.

Maine can hardly take care of the needs of its legal residents. The money pie is only so big, and we need to take care of the handicapped, elderly and unemployed citizens of the state first.

I am not anti-immigrant, but this is a nation of laws, and I for one am glad we have a governor strong enough to enforce them.

Susan Gillis

Cape Elizabeth