After reading about North Cairn’s impending “migration” to Michigan and a new life she will have teaching writing at a college there, I realized how many times I had meant to thank her (“Winging it: Navigating a new migration,” July 13).

In her own special way, she wove beautiful tapestries of words, capturing the images of her life for us to glimpse. This is her unique gift: perfectly placed words creating poetic rhythms of sentences and story.

From the first article I read of hers, I was hooked and she became my favorite writer at the Portland Press Herald. I followed her throughout the seasons, observations and stories of her life.

I cried with her when her dog became ill and passed. When she got her new puppy, I laughed at the antics and was happy for her new joy. But perhaps most of all, I enjoyed her tender appreciation and reverence for each season.

Amazingly, she is equally gifted in reporting hard news, giving us unequivocal coverage of important issues, especially environmental ones.

Good luck and happy trails, North – you will be greatly missed. I hope you write a book someday!

Donna Herczeg