Re: “Letter to the editor: LePage’s boyhood does not seem graced by good ‘luck’ “ (Aug. 3):

Maybe the writer who couldn’t find the “luck” in Paul LePage’s background was correct.

Maybe LePage’s ascendancy has more to do with the social skills of an astute social climber than it does with the coincidence of luck.

Perhaps he discovered an opportunity to groom a mentor who could give him a second crack at the SAT after he failed it abysmally. Someone who could influence his friends in the academic circles to administer the test in French and grandfather young Paul into graduate school while his political cronies graced the young protege.

I think the luckless hordes of us who had no such patron as the rich and powerful Peter Snowe had to maintain our high school grades without excuses to even approach a selection to college. We had to take the entrance exams without the benefit of personal adaptations.

So, if you please, spare those of us who jumped through the hoops and cleared the hurdles the phony Horatio Alger mythology that passes for Paul LePage’s biography.

John M. Flagler


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