In the Aug. 13 Another View (“Candidate who is best for Maine can prove it by debating”), the author claims Eliot Cutler is the best candidate because he shows “leadership … by advocating for statewide debates” and asks why Gov. Paul LePage and Rep. Mike Michaud won’t debate him.

LePage has opted out of any debate except the four agreed to in the fall. That’s his prerogative.

As an astute political person, Mike Michaud has chosen not to debate Cutler alone. Such a debate only strengthens the Republican arsenal of material to use against either of LePage’s opponents.

In 2010, I worked and voted for Eliot Cutler; not again this year. Now I am working and planning to vote for Mike Michaud.

There are two factors that made me switch: Mike Michaud has far more experience in government than Cutler, but most important, he has the best chance to unseat Mr. LePage.

N. Daniel Dunitz


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