NORRIDGEWOCK — After winning her first frog jumping contest at the age of three, Brianna Michaud was looking for a second victory at the annual Oosoola Fun Day.

On Monday the 9-year-old Oakland native got her chance with Kermit, a big green bullfrog that Brianna and her family purchased outside the event. Seizing the opportunity, she coached the frog to victory by blowing on it and hitting the ground around it.

“You blow on it and tap behind it,” said Brianna. “It helps to tap right behind its butt.”

The pair were among about 100 children and frogs to participate in several age groups in the contest, which required them to start on the outside of a large circle and coach the frogs into a smaller inner circle. Children are not allowed to touch the frogs, and the first frog to get to the inner circle is the winner.

“She’s pretty proud,” said Brian Michaud, Brianna’s father. “Ever since she won that first contest, she’s wanted to get back there because she’s so competitive.” Michaud added his daughter also has a yellow belt in karate. She was the winner in the 9-11 age group.

The race was preceded by a Labor Day parade, pet show, horseshoe contest, games and food. Some children, such as 11-year-old Matthew Nichols, of North Anson, took the time before the race to sell frogs to other participants. Nichols, who captured the frogs with the help of his mother on Sunday, said he sold 11 frogs for $1 each and kept one — Speckles — for the race.


Having a smaller frog is usually advantageous, said Nichols, who added that part of his strategy is to make sure he doesn’t touch the frog.

“A lot of kids cheat these days,” said Nichols. “I just blow on it. I don’t want to touch it.”

Four-year-old Lucy Cardenas, of Skowhegan, who won the five and under age group with back-to-back victories in separate heats, attributed her success to her mother, Amber Cardenas.

“I just did it how my mom told me to do it,” said Lucy, who competed with her frog, Leko Like an Ocean.

The race was a success overall, although the field was smaller than usual. In the past there have been 200 to 300 participants, said Val Trial, an organizer for Oosoola Fun Day. The event is traditionally held on Labor Day every year.

“It was smaller this year,” she said. “Certainly everyone had a great time, but the turnout just wasn’t there.”


The adult frog jumping race was canceled because there was only one person signed up, a baby crawling contest was canceled and there was only one float in the parade.

“It was definitely an unusual year,” said Trial. “I think part of the problem was not enough advertising. We’ve been doing this for a long time though, and we’ll be here again next year.”

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