We rarely get the chance to vote for candidates like Republicans Cathy Manchester and Greg Payeur, with long records of real accomplishment.

Cathy is running in state Senate District 25. Maine’s first female chief of police, a trained professional, now a highly successful Realtor, Cathy will bring to the state Senate a lifetime of genuine achievements.

Greg, running for the House in District 44, is a Falmouth native son, Marine Vietnam War veteran, family man and successful entrepreneur and business owner.

Manchester and Payeur have achieved success in many important endeavors of life. Neither is a political hanger-on. Nor are they running for self-aggrandizement, but to serve our state with their talent and experience. This sets them apart from the typical political junkies who so often run for these seats. Vote for leaders with real credentials, Cathy Manchester and Greg Payeur.

Bryan Dench