PORTLAND — The annual Mainebiz Momentum Convention is set for Oct. 9 at the Cumberland County Civic Center and will feature several Maine CEOs and professional experts at both morning and afternoon “Mainebiz U” learning sessions, as well as a CEO breakfast panel discussion preceding the conference.

At each of the two Mainebiz U Learning Sessions ”“ 10:30-11:45 a.m. and 1:15-2:30 p.m. ”“ participants choose one from a selection of four panel discussions on the topics of evolution or progression.

Speakers on the Mainebiz U Evolution track will focus on adapting to new market realities. From restructuring to product innovation to new marketing methods, panelists discuss ways to adapt and transform in order to compete and grow. Panel 1 includes: Cheryl Bascomb of BerryDunn, Jim Keenan of Bernstein Shur, Shannon Kinney of Dream Local and Shawn Moody of Moody Collision Centers. Panel 2 includes: Don Gooding of MCED, Amber Lambke of Maine Grains, Alan MacEwan of Verrill Dana and Ted Wirth of Diversified Communications.

Speakers on the Mainebiz U Progression track will focus on setting up the future to succeed. Whether family owned or publicly traded, a plan for future leadership is essential. Panelists will discuss how to plan your successor and your succession from within and from without. Panel 1 includes: David Austin of Eaton Peabody, Steve Campbell of pro-voke, Fred Forsley of Shipyard Brewing and University of New England President Danielle Ripich. Panel 2 includes: Kal Kotkas of Clark Insurance, Frank O’Shea of BerryDunn, Derek Volk of Volk Packaging and Jim Wellehan of Lamey Wellehan.

A $59 ticket includes the keynote address by EepyBird, the Coke and Mentos guys whose viral videos have now been seen over 100 million times, plus the exhibit, lunch and Mainebiz U sessions.

At the CEO breakfast, several Maine CEOs will share stories of strategic thinking that helped them manage through the unpredictability of transformation, and explore the effectiveness of back-up plans. Called “What’s Plan B,” the panel takes place from 7:30-8:45 a.m., and features William Haggett, CEO of Pineland Farms; Claire Kiedrowski, president of Kappa Mapping; Robert Moore, president and CEO of Dead River Co.; and Charles J. Spies, CEI of Capital Management. Registration is required and there are a limited number of tickets available.