Do you find yourself wearing a sweater when it’s 75 degrees outside? Are you unable to tolerate the air conditioning on a steamy day? If you’re always cold it could be a sign that your body is changing or it may be a symptom of illness, such as an underactive thyroid. Older people have less subcutaneous fat stores and muscle mass, both of which can insulate a body. Therefore, they may have trouble regulating body temperature. But there are ways to feel warmer.

* Gain weight: Putting on a few extra pounds can help aging men and women who feel cold all the time. Consult with a doctor as to what is a healthy weight for your age.

* Wear a vest: The body sacrifices heat in the extremities (hands and feet) to warm the core. Wearing a vest can keep your chest warm, and thus, the rest of your body.

* Get physical: Moderate exercise can get the blood pumping and speed up metabolism.

* Visit the doctor: Get a check-up to ensure you’re not cold due to a medical condition.

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