I’d like to weigh in on the subject of Freeport’s withdrawal from Regional School Unit 5. As a former parent and teacher, I offer a unique perspective on this subject. After five years of trying, we know now that the consolidation law is flawed. There are over 30 communities across Maine now making the same decision. It’s time to vote yes to restore the independent Freeport school district.

School consolidation did not save us money, and launched us into this divisive funding schema with our neighbors. Let’s reset the way our schools are funded, and offer Pownal and Durham a way to stay connected with us. Our vote includes a 10-year tuition agreement, and is a fairer funding formula that will let us share services. Shared cooperation makes more sense than forced consolidation.

Freeport schools are special for so many reasons. Let’s go back to the model that will support them best.

Laura Girr

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