Inside Regional School Unit 5, we have budget battles drawn on town lines, cost sharing confusion, and a looming high school classroom expansion – all dangerously paired with a student exodus. Absent proven, significant educational or financial advantages to a regional school unit, locally governed schools are the rally point.

Scarce tax dollars are easier to track in a one-town budget. Local schools create a vibrant community and best support and respect each student. Local schools share a vision. Before RSU5, Freeport had a creative vision for student-driven innovation and democratic schools. Restoring that vision benefits all students who choose our schools.

Freeport has stood on its own since 1789. Today, Freeport is stronger than ever and ready for tomorrow. We have one chance to restore local schools before RSU 5 borrows $14.6 million and Freeport is locked in. We have a unanimously approved agreement and a path forward. Let’s vote yes on withdrawal.

N. Kate Werner

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