10. Municipal efficiency. We can save money by not duplicating town and RSU services.

9. We have a fair agreement, unanimously approved by the RSU 5 board members of all three towns. After hearing all the facts, six of the seven Freeport Town Councilors also support restoring a local school district.

8. Freeport, Durham and Pownal taxpayers all avoid paying for expansion of Freeport High School to address a temporary population bubble.

7. Taxpayers can better understand how tax dollars are spent and enjoy freedom from inequitable and confusing RSU cost sharing.

6. We can spend more money on great teachers and less money on middle management.

5. We can spend more time on educational vision and less time on political budget battles.

4. Our schools can enjoy voter support and we can maintain better relationships with our neighboring towns.

3. We can focus our local tax dollars to renovate, innovate, and educate our school system.

2. We can focus our time and resources on individual student needs.

1. Freeport can seek greatness for all students who choose to attend our schools, no matter their town of residence.

Please vote yes to leave RSU 5 and regain local control of our educational destiny.

Suzanne Watson


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