Republican state Senate District 25 candidate Cathy Manchester has requested a recount in her apparent loss to Democrat Cathy Breen, who led her opponent by seven votes.

“It’s a small margin and it’s not surprising that she would request one,” Breen said Wednesday.

The request is the second of the midterm elections, after another close Senate race – between Democrat Nathan Libby and the apparent loser, Republican Patricia Gagne of Lewiston in District 21 – came down to just 64 votes.

Both races were expected to be some of the closest in the state, and fall easily in the 2-percentage point margin that means the recount process will not cost anything for either apparent loser.

Recounts follow a strict process set out by law that starts with a request for a recount by the apparent loser, said Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

In the coming days, Maine State Police will collect the ballots in each race and return them to Augusta. Each campaign is a allowed to have an attorney present if ballots are disputed.

Senate races typically take about a day to recount if there are no major complications, according to Dunlap’s office.

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