This week, Southwind Construction Corp., the company selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete the dredging of the Scarborough River in Pine Point, was expected to begin bringing in equipment.

Southwind is the same company that dredged the river and harbor in 2004. It takes over the contract from North American Landscaping, Construction and Dredge Co., which failed to complete the project this spring.

Southwind is expected to complete the dredging by early 2015. The goal is to dig out an 8-foot-deep shipping channel at the mouth of the Scarborough River, as well as a 6-foot-deep anchorage area around the town pier at Pine Point. In all, the company is expected to remove about 100,000 cubic yards of sediment.

Harbormaster Dave Corbeau said he has “full confidence” that Southwind will be able to complete the dredging project before the worst of the winter weather sets in.

He anticipates the company would operate 24 hours a day, weather permitting, and said the commercial fishermen using the harbor at Pine Point are “excited” about getting the dredge completed.

“It will be awesome to get (the river) passable again,” Corbeau said. “It will certainly make it a lot safer for everybody.”

– Kate Irish Collins

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