Do you still dream about dancing to “Unchained Melody” with your prom date?

Did you follow the Grateful Dead around the country in your youth?

Don’t toss your old vinyl albums into a landfill. Monica Foley-McAuslin & Gary McAuslin of Second Spin Vinyl Record Designs in Saco help people preserve their musical memories by transforming record albums into bowls or wall art. (A chip bowl made from a Grateful Dead album seems particularly appropriate for those times you can’t escape the munchies.)

How do they make them? For the bowls, it’s the same concept as stupidly leaving your album in the car on a 100-degree day until it warps. The Second Spin bowls are created by using heat to press the album into a mold. Monica Foley-McAuslin said customers often request specific artists or the specific side of an album that has a song with a special meaning to them.

If you’d rather have wall art, you can send them your own copy of “Abbey Road” if you like, and they’ll cut images of the Beatles walking across the top of the album as if they were crossing that famous street all over again.

The company also uses vinyl records to make recycled jewelry and home decor such as clocks.

Most designs are $29.99, though prices vary. Bowls are $19.99.

Find some of their designs at, or go to their Etsy store at