Climate change is real. Climate change has been going on more or less steadily for many millions of years.

Climate has gone through many long, slow cycles of warming and cooling. Massive glaciers have advanced and retreated many times. The most recent retreat of major glaciers occurred around 12,000 years ago, when human populations were insignificant.

The Earth is now in a warming trend, but there is not indisputable evidence that it is the result of human activity. The activity of the sun is the primary factor that determines the temperature of the Earth.

There is unfounded speculation that a climate catastrophe will occur in the near future unless drastic changes are made in so-called greenhouse gas emissions. There is very little likelihood that humans can do anything to affect the temperature of the Earth. About the only thing that people can do is for politicians to gain power and charlatans to gain wealth by proclaiming imminent disaster.

Climate change is a very slow process, and it occurs over a time period that is much longer than a human life span. There is not likely to be any sudden change that will affect people.

Humans have adapted to climate changes over the long period of our existence, and it is very likely that humans will adapt to any significant changes in the distant future.

David W. Knudsen


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