My wife and I have visited Portland several times. We enjoy the scenic surroundings and especially the city’s gracious residents.

On our most recent trip this past August, we went for a morning bike ride around Peaks Island. When we approached the beautiful, rocky coastline, I said to my wife, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” Suddenly, my bike fell to the ground and so did I.

After a fall, I am accustomed to quickly getting back up. But this time was different. I was unable to walk as my left leg was injured.

A few minutes later, a good-natured bike rider named Jenny spotted us on the side of the road. She said she would return our rented bikes and arranged for her two friends to take us by car to the Casco Bay Island ferry bound for Portland.

At the ferry landing, my wife met the owner of a nearby restaurant who gave us a large bag of ice to place on the injury. He suggested we go to Maine Medical Center. A young Casco Bay ferry staff member arranged for a baggage cart to get me onto the ferry.

When we arrived at Maine Medical’s emergency wing, I was treated like a VIP. I was ushered into a private room and, within ten minutes, I was examined by a young, caring resident. The entire medical and nursing staff at Maine Medical was exceptional.

Now, several months later, I am back on my feet. My wife and I are looking forward to visiting Portland next summer. It is a wonderful place to visit and we greatly appreciate Portland’s remarkable hospitality in good times and trying times.

Thank you, Portland. “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Sanford Wexler

New York City