One of the things I find most distressing about the politics in Augusta and Washington is that our elected officials seem to be more focused on being judged by the media as having “won” the vote on a particular issue rather than on winning for the American public.

Whether it’s Democrats, Republicans, the governor, the president or conservatives and liberals on the Supreme Court, most are more concerned with blocking their opponents than with working together in the long-term interests of U.S. citizens.

Immigration is a recent example. Just about everyone wants immigration reform, but Congress won’t send anything to the president because they are worried he might be able to claim it as a “win.”

I guess this is probably what we should expect from the best government money can buy. Rather than working for us, they spend all their time raising funds and then voting to satisfy the interests of those with whom they spend all their time. I find it all very depressing.

Bill Dunn