AUGUSTA — More than 30 FairPoint Communications union workers protested on Tuesday outside the Senator Inn and Spa because FairPoint co-sponsored a Maine State Chamber of Commerce forum on health insurance.

The striking workers said they wanted to send a message that the company has taken away their health insurance while sponsoring a forum to help businesses understand how to manage health insurance for their employees.

“We find it kind of ironic they’re sponsoring a health care seminar when at the end of October, even though they didn’t have to, they took away all of our health care for 2,000 members,” said Diane Winton, president of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2327.

Angelynne Beaudry, a spokeswoman for FairPoint, said that even though the workers lost their health insurance when they walked off the job, they still have other options for coverage. The workers can return to work, seek health insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplace or seek health insurance through COBRA, a federal program that allows some employees to receive health insurance after leaving employment, she said.