BIDDEFORD — The American Red Cross of Maine will be taking to the streets in Biddeford today to raise awareness of the life-saving importance of smoke alarms.

Teams from the Red Cross will be going door-to-door in neighborhoods near the location of the Nov. 23 fire on Green Street. They will talk to residents about fire safety, emergency escape plans and the importance of having working smoke alarms. The Red Cross will provide and mount battery-operated models free of charge to homes without working smoke alarms.

“Simply put, smoke alarms save lives,” said Patricia Murtagh, CEO of the American Red Cross in Maine. “Your odds of surviving a fire increase 50 percent if you have a working smoke alarm.”

The visit to Biddeford is the first stop in a five-year fire safety initiative by the organization. The goal is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from fire by 25 percent nationally.

To learn more about the fire safety initiative, visit the website,

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