What fun to read Krista Kern Desjarlais’ Dec. 3 piece about restaurant star ratings (“Restaurant critics bestow stars. Chef Krista Kern Desjarlais asks whether they should”), especially since she refers at length to my review of Bresca (“Dine Out Maine: Cuisine, setting combine for superb experience at Bresca,” June 10, 2012).

I still remember that excellent meal, the backstory of which I did not know. I am doubly impressed that she was able to put out such a top-notch dinner considering the unique stress of that evening.

The biggest newspapers can send a critic back several times to the same restaurant, but smaller publications have more limited resources and reviewers often only visit once. That puts the burden on restaurants to make every day count.

Hard, yes, but Maine diners are perhaps more fortunate for it. How many times have you dined out in a renowned restaurant in a big city and said that you could find as good or better food in Portland? If you’re like me, plenty of times. Lucky us.

Nancy Heiser