As a resident of Senate District 25, I have a very personal interest in the controversy swirling about the Cathy Breen-Cathy Manchester contest.

For years, independent Dick Woodbury has represented our district with distinction. My husband and I felt we could always inform him of our views on various issues. At all times, he was receptive to our opinions, even though we did not always agree.

We voted for Breen because we felt she was the best candidate to continue representing us in the state Legislature. The initial results of the election confirmed our sentiments.

The sudden, mysterious appearance of an additional 21 ballots in the subsequent recount, giving Manchester the win, was a disappointing and decidedly suspicious development.

At the time, I was deeply troubled by Maine Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett’s inappropriate comments before any of the facts had been verified by a legislative investigative committee. He shamefully accused Maine Democrats of conducting “a dishonest campaign against Cathy Manchester” and broadly hinted at a Democratic conspiracy.

We are relieved the legislative committee did not find any fraud involved in the recount, only an honest human error. As a result, we are pleased to have Cathy Breen representing us in the state Senate.

Shakespeare said it best: “All’s well that ends well.”

Phyllis Kamin