We, the American people, allowed George Bush to attack Iraq based on neoconservative lies, at a cost of thousands of lives and maimed military plus countless millions of our dollars.

We allowed Barack Obama and a willing Congress to continue the invasion of Afghanistan, again at the cost of people killed and maimed, and trillions of dollars of debt, to meddle into the internal affairs of foreign nations, while our infrastructure crumbles, our citizens go hungry, our children underfed and ill-clothed, many of our citizens dying from lack of medical and scientific research.

And lately, Congress has been rubber-stamping aggressive moves against Russia, which could too easily lead to World War III.

This all on our watch, accepting pre-written responses from our elected officials when we challenge our runaway government, allowing Washington to violate the terms of the Constitution on an almost daily basis.

Yes, Professor Jonathan Gruber. We are stupid.

Bruce Bohrmann