Julie McDonald’s column criticizing Democrats in the state Senate District 25 ballot controversy makes it clear that she is a staunch Republican. The final tally giving the win to the Democrat was for her obviously very disappointing. She blamed the Democrats for the publicity involved, despite the fact that the media jump and thrive on such controversies. Then people respond emotionally as it relates to them.

She commented on the angst and stress that the individuals involved had gone through, including the Long Island town clerk, and Manchester’s “class act” in resigning. Obviously there was no mention of Cathy Breen, who watched as the Republicans seated Manchester while the recount was going on. It’s a “party” thing; when the votes were counted, Breen had won and is now seated.

Since McDonald has a regular column, perhaps she could help me and others understand exactly why Maine Republicans are so proud of their tax breaks given to the wealthy and how it benefited the citizens of Maine.

People’s lives are affected by politics. There are avid Republicans, Democrats, and Greens, who feel their political loyalty is to support their party and not necessarily to do what is best for all of our citizens. Many others are truly concerned about the issues that affect us all. I am one of those.

Gene Proctor
West Bath

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