The article in Tuesday’s paper concerning ice being blown off vehicle roofs hit home (“Slabs of ice blown off roofs of vehicles bombard drivers”).

On Monday, I was driving on Route 1 in Falmouth when the car in front of me moved to the turning lane. The ice on the car’s roof came tumbling down, causing me to swerve to the right to avoid a broken windshield.

It brought home the possibility of a deadly tragedy like the one that caused New Jersey, where we lived for 38 years, to pass a law over four years ago requiring drivers to clear all ice off their vehicles.

We should not be waiting for a fatality caused by ice blowing off vehicles before Maine passes a law requiring drivers to remove ice from their vehicles’ roofs, hoods and trunks before driving off. If other states have been able to draft laws that prevent deadly ice missile accidents, why can’t Maine?

Sheri Fistal