DALLAS — Snoring, slouching sleepers and the challenges of climbing over fellow passengers for a trip to the restroom.

Those are among the myriad in-flight etiquette issues faced by travelers on crowded planes, and are the first targeted by JetBlue in a planned series of over-the-top videos posted on Facebook and Twitter to encourage passengers to think about their behavior.

“We wanted to say, ‘We’ve all been there. We get it, and let’s talk about it,’ ” Lisa Borromeo, JetBlue director of brand management and advertising, said about the clips for #FlightEtiquette.

The videos follow a summer in which several incidents of air rage occurred on crowded U.S. aircraft, including three in a span of nine days that led to flight diversions. One, on a United Airlines plane, involved a passenger spat that transformed the Knee Defender seatback-lodging gadget into a household name.

The JetBlue videos aren’t intended to tell customers how to behave, Borromeo said. The exaggerated examples “are meant to be fun” and to generate dialog with passengers about their experiences, she said.

JetBlue, based in New York, was an early adopter of social media to directly converse with customers and the videos extend that hallmark. The first, posted Dec. 22, is titled “How Not to Take a Nap.” It portrays a sleeping, snoring man leaning onto the shoulder and then the lap of a passenger in the seat next to him, and eventually lying across the entire row.

“How Not to Make an Exit,” unveiled Jan. 7, shows a passenger in a window seat drinking several beverages and then facing the dilemma of getting past sleeping travelers in the middle and aisle seats of her row.