In his Jan. 9 New York Times op-ed, Paul Krugman writes, “We’re looking at a political subculture in which ideological tenets are simply not to be questioned, no matter what. Supply-side economics is valid no matter what actually happens to the economy, guaranteed health insurance must be a failure even if it’s working, and anyone who points out the troubling facts is ipso facto an enemy.”

Krugman is referring to the current tea party Republican-dominated Congress. However, his observation applies as well to the ideology Gov. Paul LePage inflicted upon Maine during his first term. Now that he has been re-elected, he believes he has the “people’s mandate” to continue pursuing his agenda.

Anyone who disagrees with LePage and opposes his decisions is immediately branded an “enemy,” widening the wedge of divisiveness in our state. Democratic progressives top the list of hostiles, eliminating any likelihood of bipartisan collaboration.

The LePage administration is consistent in its callous policies.

Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew measures welfare reform “success” by how many recipients can be “moved” from welfare rolls; compassion is not a consideration.

Environmental Protection Commissioner Patricia Aho favors business interests over concerned citizens struggling to preserve our environment. Climate change is dismissed as a liberal hoax.

Our governor claims full credit for economic progress in Maine, disregarding the improving national economy and its positive effect on all states. He refuses to acknowledge that the Affordable Care Act isn’t the disaster critics had hoped it would be; in reality, enrollment is soaring.

We will have a governor for the next four years who continues to ignore the facts in favor of his own beliefs. As Krugman states, “Republicans know many things that aren’t so, and no amount of contrary evidence will get them to change their minds.”

Phyllis Kamin