I found Roger Katz’s column in Monday’s Press Herald most distressing (“Maine Voices: Shifting state taxes from sales to income long overdue, Katz says”).

He appears to want to provide the financial support that Maine needs to function not from those most capable of doing so because of income, but rather from those who need to purchase goods and services – whether residents of Maine or tourists. Such a tax is regressive!

We residents will be taxed year round. The tourist season is only a few months.

How much one spends is based on one’s income. Not everyone can afford a $30,000 car, citing one of Katz’s examples. That is not a “taxable choice” for them!

The basis for a tax policy reflects one’s priorities. Apparently Mr. Katz’s – and the governor’s – are that income does not reflect one’s ability to support our state government, but consumption is. Such an outlook does not reflect a concern for human lives!

William J. Leffler II