If you’ve got a Swiffer Sweeper at home, you know how fast those little white cloths can become a nasty mess, coated in dirt, pet hair and whatever other filth is hiding in your floorboards.

For me, there’s something deeply satisfying about seeing that pristine cloth spoiled, since it means my house is that much cleaner. Still, don’t you feel a little guilty when you toss those used cloths into the trash can?

Rowena Elliott of Bangor to the rescue. She knits and crochets reusable Swiffer covers out of 100-percent cotton yarn, and they even come in colors. They work on wood, laminate, linoleum and tile. When you’re done cleaning, simply throw them in the washer and either hang them or lay flat to dry.

If you’re worried about having to wash one eco-friendly cover over and over again (a debate that echoes the old “What’s more eco-friendly, cloth or disposable diapers” question) consider the fact that you can turn the handmade cloth inside out to get more wear before washing. Doing that with a cloth diaper would be gross. Plus, you can buy the Swiffer cloths two or three at a time so one is always clean and ready to go.

Elliott also makes extra-thick versions for use with the Swiffer Wet Jet.

The cloths are available in Portland at Circa Home and Vintage, 247B Congress St., and on Elliott’s Etsy site. Both stores sell singles for $8 or $9. The Portland store sells two for $16, and Etsy sells three for $13.50.