The Portland Press Herald must have had a slow news day when it decided to put an employee disagreement in a small municipality on the front page (“Escalating tensions leave a Maine town in turmoil,” March 3).

As a former selectwoman and active community member of North Yarmouth, I can assure you that North Yarmouth is just fine. I choose to focus on the positive.

Our community is embarking on an exciting chapter as we work together on our Village Redevelopment Project. All voices have been welcomed to chime in as we move forward.

Recently, a call went out for volunteers for the Economic Development Committee. It brought more people than the committee needed. Many of these individuals are young homeowners who’ve chosen to live in North Yarmouth because of the positive character of the town and the excellent school system.

Government at any level can be difficult, and it isn’t perfect. There will be stumbles and mistakes along the way. I choose to focus on the good work our town has done and continues to do.

I encourage the press to cover North Yarmouth’s positive aspects and why it is one of the best communities to live in Maine.

Anne Graham

North Yarmouth