Re: “Longtime Democratic lawmaker makes case for giving Maine governor a raise” (March 16):

In the case of the governor, not only does he get paid, but we also pay for his transportation, which includes trips to various and sundry places as well as a driver (usually a member of the State Police, who should be on the road taking care of us, not the governor).

We pay into the governor’s state retirement and Social Security if he is a contributor. We also pay for his housing, which probably includes heat, housekeeping, etc. While we are paying for the State Police to take care of him, we are also paying for the police who are dedicated to his services, which includes their pay, retirement, insurance, etc.

Many of us are on a fairly fixed budget and fixed income. We cannot afford this.

We also cannot afford to give pay raises to the legislators. We also contribute to their state retirement funds and possibly their medical insurance.

With the state trying to find money to pay the bills, this is very much out of order.

Dorothy Burgess


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