Re: Kevin Miller’s March 12 article “Raw milk sales gain support in Maine Legislature”:

Pasteurization is not about killing bacteria, minerals and vitamins only but foremost about killing the enzymes that represent vital forces. Nothing else happens in milk depleted of enzymes during the pasteurization (including heat-treating) process. Enzymes in raw milk work like catalysts of chemical reactions.

Once left open without a refrigerator, pasteurized milk decays, unlike raw milk, which nicely sours and, if forgotten on the counter, changes to a delicious curd substance. Just strain the whey to get the best cream cheese of your life. No heat, no acid required.

Hygiene starts not in the milking parlor, the milk room or the cheese room. Hygiene starts in the animal’s stall.

Donald Hoenig, V.M.D., in Bulletin No. 1030, Raw Milk Production: Guidelines for Maine Licensed Dealers, wrote: “Try the knee test: If you kneel down on the bedding, are your knees wet when you get up? If so, the bedding is too wet.”

Maria King