SOUTH PORTLAND — Gorham’s Dan Foley has pulled through again.

The 48-year-old postal worker avoided being eliminated during the 10th episode of the CBS reality show “Survivor,” which he watched with several dozen fans and friends at Thatcher’s Restaurant in South Portland on Wednesday night.

The crowd viewed the hour-long show before seeing fellow “Survivor” contestant Jenn Brown voted off during the show’s tribal council, where the remaining competitors gather each week to hash over their strategies and talk about their fellow tribe members while host Jeff Probst asks questions.

Foley and seven other people will return next week to compete for the $1 million prize.

Being on “Survivor” has been a longtime passion of Foley’s. Since 2000, he had applied more than 100 times to be on the show and logged thousands of miles driving to auditions.

But making it onto the reality show has had its downsides.

After the April 8 episode, Foley was criticized after he was shown berating fellow contestant Shirin Oskooi. At one point, Foley said that somebody should “slap” Oskooi. Fans of the show tweeted that Foley’s behavior was “truly repugnant” and that he was a “disgusting pig,” among other things.

This season of “Survivor” was filmed in Nicaragua over 39 days in last August and September. The show used a new format this year by dividing contestants into three tribes: Blue Collar, White Collar and No Collar. Foley started out as a member of the Blue Collar tribe, but the tribes eventually merged into one tribe called Merica.

The remaining contestants have a pretty good idea about who will make it to the final three that vie for the $1 million prize, but are contractually forbidden from commenting about the outcome.

The next episode airs on April 29. The season finale will be May 20.