Man who lingered with gun at helipad to be arraigned

A New Hampshire man police say was wearing body armor and carrying a handgun as he lingered near a Boston hospital’s helicopter pad is heading to court.

Brad Clarke, of Pelham, New Hampshire, is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday on charges including trespassing and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police say the 41-year-old Clarke, holding binoculars, was approached by Boston University police Saturday as he stood near Boston Medical Center’s helipad. When the officer asked “Can I help you,” Clarke replied “Just enjoying my civil liberties.”

After a struggle, Clarke was cuffed. Police say his pickup, which was parked next to the helipad’s gate, had another gun, another bulletproof vest, marijuana and other items in it.

Massachusetts tourism chief wants state name in slogan

The new executive director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism thinks the state’s slogan needs to be spiced up a little.

As far as Rich Doucette is concerned, “It’s all here,” is a little too generic and could be used for any other state.

He tells The Boston Globe the state needs something more unique with the word ‘Massachusetts” in there somehow.

Doucette, who has a background in marketing, was just named to the post last week so says it may be a while before the slogan is replaced.


Activists on Statehouse steps mark unofficial pot holiday

Activists took to the Statehouse steps and smoked marijuana in support of legislation decriminalizing small amounts of the drug.

The Concord Monitor reports about 30 participants staged the event Monday.

Event organizer Rich Paul has been toking up for the past six years at the Statehouse at 4:20 p.m. on April 20, the unofficial pot holiday. Paul says police have never interfered with the event in Concord, but he’s been arrested for similar demonstrations in his hometown of Keene.

The legislation passed the House by a 297-67 vote. It would reduce the penalty for possessing up to a half-ounce of marijuana to a $100 fine. The bill has been passed to the Senate Judiciary Committee for review.


Statehouse pillars tagged with perplexing graffiti

Two granite pillars at the Rhode Island Statehouse have been tagged with graffiti.

The Rhode Island State Police were called to the statehouse Tuesday morning to investigate.

State Police Lt. Eric LaRiviere says the pillars are on the Smith Street side of the statehouse, where the governor normally drives up. He says they were tagged sometime on Monday night with a phrase that appears to say “killing illuminati.”

LaRiviere says he doesn’t know what the phrase refers to,.

Video shows alleged writer of graffiti of loneliness

Providence police have released images taken from a surveillance video of a man with a paint roller who they believe to be a well-known graffiti tagger.

The man in question is said to be responsible for using white and pink paint to write about being alone and lonely on buildings across the city.

The Providence Journal reports the mysterious messages of loneliness have been appearing on various buildings overnight for the last several months.

On Dyer Street he wrote: “Lonely as I’ve ever been.” On an old South Street power station he says: “I love you even when you don’t notice.”

—From news service reports