Re: “Confrontation in Portland between school bus driver, cyclist under review” (April 17):

I avoid bikers. If I’m driving Ocean, Forest or Stevens avenues, etc., and I approach a biker in the street, I either stop or turn and take another route.

The reason is that I am afraid, especially if it’s dark and this person might make a bad move, causing me to hit him or her. Or even worse, I might meet Ryan Stover or someone like him.

Sometimes I don’t know if I should pass – and, if so, put the cyclist in danger – so I try to avoid it altogether.

I tooted my horn at a fellow while waiting for a green light. When it changed, he held fast. I must have annoyed him because he approached me, blurted out that he had right of way and took a picture of my truck.

This confrontation could have gone the wrong direction with very little effort, but he was a lot younger and fit. So I was afraid.

I find that if I just hold back, sometimes they either wave me by or eventually turn off. If not, I can always pull over and let the biker go away.

George G. Locke