When God created the world, he gave us a beautiful beach. He wanted families to come and relax and enjoy themselves. He didn’t want it to be “the devil’s playground.” We have a number of establishments in town that he wouldn’t be proud of.

When I moved here in 1961, our New England neighbors and Canadian friends all came to enjoy themselves with their children.

Her last summer on the town council, Malorie Pastor told our council chairman of seeing obscene t-shirts displayed downtown when she was with her young granddaughter. They were in plain view, she said.

Did our council chairman bother? We will find out this summer.

A couple of years ago, a person wanted to have a go-cart speedway for young people at The Ballpark area. He presented his blueprint before the council. He told everyone present about his plans.

“Will it make noise?” our council chairman asked.

This person would have been better off to bring a barroom blueprint.

Will we ever have a council that will make our community respectable again?

Conrad Boisvert, Old Orchard Beach