For “more likely than not” knowing something about soft footballs, Tom Brady and the Patriots lost $1 million, a quarter of Brady’s season and two draft picks.

What should be the penalty when an Amtrak employee kills eight people, injures a couple hundred more and does millions of dollars in damage?

If we let the punishment fit the crime with any degree of proportionality, the Amtrak employee should pay trillions of dollars and spend several lifetimes in prison, but of course he will not.

If the NFL front office hoped to buy some integrity by correcting several past dumb rulings with yet another dumb ruling, they have failed.

They’ve left themselves with nowhere to go the next time there’s proof a player took illegal drugs, knocked out his fiancée in an elevator or killed another player on the field with an illegal hit. A 15-yard penalty just won’t be enough.

Allan Neff

South Portland

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