Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

I did not know that the month of May is National Foster Care Month. Can you imagine the anguish, fear and upheaval that these youngsters must experience? As a foster parent you can make a difference in a child’s life by opening your home and your heart. One trusted and experienced person can lead another. This requires an investment of time and energy. Every child deserves a chance at happiness, guidance, belonging, safety and love.

The foster care system operates under the auspices of the Division of Social Services, which is a part of the Department of Health and Care and Human Services. A foster home may provide care for an emergency situation which renders the parents unable to care for a child, or may serve as more permanent or stable structure for children. Those who risk genuine involvement by leading, providing and teaching all the guiding principles bring out the best in others.

Young people can also get valuable experience through summer camp, such as the one at Thornton Academy.

There is nothing better for a Maine summer than a Thornton Academy Summer Arts Camp for Kids. There are so many wonderful activities to do on a warm summer day or evening. It is a great time for hanging out together, sharing laughter, good times and learning. It gives students joy, wonder and amazement in learning. The school is a city academy that prepares students for a changing world in beautiful, coastal Saco. TA, established in 1811, is also a coeducational boarding and day school serving grades six through 12.

The Thornton Academy campus buzzes with activities during the summer months, offering camps for athletics and the arts. There are opportunities for international students to study the English language or immerse in American culture.

The Thornton Academy Arts Department offers a wide range of courses in visual arts, theater, dance and music. Also, other opportunities continually arise: Thornton Academy summer arts for kids and teens, TA soccer camp, TA girls’ and boys’ basketball camps, TA football camp and the TA summer program for international students.

For those interested in the Summer Arts Camp for Kids, ages 8-12, on July 13-17 or Summer Arts Camp for Teens, ages 13-16, visit the website for a listing of programs at

Also at TA, Thornton Academy’s Leadership Seminar will host an international fair on Saturday, May 30 from 1-4 p.m. at Lennell Gym, featuring food, games, pictures and performances that will let you see the worlds of their international students’ homes. With aid from TA students and dance company, the fair will include new games, foods, drinks and décor from 14 countries spread all around the world. A good way to learn.

— Zaffie Hadiaris of Saco is the host of “Zaffie,” a weekly television talk show on Channel 3 Biddeford public access. It can also be seen at Contact Hadiaris at [email protected]