How will you erase the memory of last winter? Will you buy a spring outfit, drink summer ale and jog on the beach? Have you cursed your winter coat? There is a better way – wear orange!

Imagine the entire state of Maine dressed in that beautiful color. How would wearing the rainbow’s most brilliant stripe be viewed by those outside the Pine Tree State.

It would be seen as a welcome mat. “Come visit us; the weather is great.” It would make national news. The tourist industry would raise the public coffers to the sky. Read on:

Iambic Pentameter in Orange

Wear black or white, you really can’t go wrong;

Each blends as a complementary song.

Wear pink and support a most worthy cause;

Its honorable mission gives us pause.

Wear red and feel Macbeth’s “sound and fury”

As storms in Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony.

So let’s give orange its overdue day;

“But why wear orange?” so many will say.

Sunrise, the moon, sunsets and pumpkins too,

As Nature dresses in the Autumn hue.

A child’s winter cheeks and Maine’s Moxie drink;

The Baltimore Orioles on the brink.

Delectable fruit – its breakfast drink sweet;

Eat orange salmon – not fatty red meat.

Some say that Casey wore an orange shirt

As Mudville’s star “rubbed his huge hands with dirt.”

The maple in fall – a fire in its leaves;

They look like a flight of bright bumblebees.

Come Halloween, kids roam from street to street,

While jack-o-lanterns threaten,”Trick or Treat.”

Ubiquitous orange at Syracuse;

The students there say,”A gift from a muse.”

Bring credence to orange and celebrate

This wonderful tone, but what is the date?

On Friday, the twenty-second of May,

Let’s all don orange for more than just play.


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