Common Core’s impact felt locally

In the March 20 issue of Lakes Region Weekly, it was stated that the RSU 14 Windham-Raymond schools budget increase could be the largest ever. If all factors were openly disclosed to all parents, students, and taxpayers, much of the rising costs this year and every year afterward would be attributed to the additional new Common Core curriculum costs per student.

There is the required new testing of each student, the required new books, the stress and additional demands of hours spent on student homework, teacher implementation, as well as on parents, who have little time to completely research all the school’s decisions. All this leads to the bewilderment of this unproven subject and additional confusion, which is quite the paradox coming from the educational elitism that assumes responsibility for our state and country’s students and future.

Thank God our Governor, who was once duped into thinking this was a good plan, has “repented.” If you want to understand why he did so, just type in the questions: “What is The Agenda 21 evil twin?” and “What is the Invisible Serfs Collar in America?” Or try this question: “Does common core regard any answer as right?” which brings up the answer “Obama math “common core” curriculum to infect.” These questions typed into a search engine will bring up many websites defining common core. See “No Common Core Maine.” Needless to say, there are reams of info out there.

After pondering the websites, I was led to ask: “Who can we really trust?” The answer seemed to be “that is a good question” for the politicians and administrators who are in office and profess to be able to guide our towns, our state, and our nation to answer. So now,” What can we do?” It is up to each of us citizens to stand up for our children, our grandchildren, our students, and to stand up to our school boards, town selectmen and ask pertinent questions. We can email or call our town and state officials and also fill out our national surveys. Then, do not forget to pray individually and corporately to the Lord for His wisdom. The Apostle Paul’s prayer in Ephesians chapter 1, verses 17-18-19, is a good place to begin. According to 1 Corinthians 1:18-25: “The wisdom of men is foolishness with God.” If we do not invite (God) into our situations, we will serve another master.

Don Fowler



Thank you

The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals enthusiastically thanks everyone who voted for the horses in the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation’s $100,000 Community Matters giveaway to Maine non-profit organizations.

Bangor Savings Bank has announced the 2015 award winning non-profits and once again – thanks to people all across Maine – the animals at the River Road, South Windham farm will receive $1,000. That money will help pay for 200 bales of hay or 125 bags of grain or dozens of hoof trims. The Society, New England’s largest nonprofit horse shelter, continues its life-saving work only because so many members of our communities – communities of students and schools, businesses, and people who care about animals all work to help keep the barn doors open and the feed room filled.

Thank you, as well for the generosity of the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation. The Foundation’s Community Matters program is also an essential part of the Maine community of philanthropy that supports people and organizations working to make Maine the place we all want it to be. Please help support the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation continue its successes on behalf of deserving Maine charities by contacting your local Bangor Savings Bank and thanking them for their good works.

Meanwhile, down at the River Road farm, Marley, Penny, Earl, Diana and all the others who have made their way to the MSSPA are waiting to visit with you. You are invited to come in any afternoon between 1-6 p.m. and share the love with those whose lives your kindness, compassion and generosity have helped to save. Thank you for making them a part of our community of caring – a community that really matters.

Meris Bickford,

Chief Executive Officer

Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

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