A four-bedroom house built by dozens of Portland-area high school students over the course of four academic years left Portland on Friday for its new home. Professional contractors moved the Cape Cod-style home, which was built by Portland Arts and Technology High School students, in several large pieces that were carried away on a separate truck.

The modular house was then assembled on its new foundation in Durham. The interior is already painted and the house is ready for plumbing and electrical connections.

A couple who were moving back to Maine from out of state had learned about the school project and bought the finished product for $38,263, roughly covering the costs of the supplies that the school had purchased over the years, said Frank Kehoe, carpentry instructor at PATHS. That price doesn’t include the land, foundation and cost of moving the structure.

Kehoe said the work was done by second-year students specializing in carpentry and plumbing at PATHS and others studying electrical work at Westbrook Regional Vocational Center.

The project was somewhat more complicated than the smaller ranch-style homes the school’s students have built in the past. But Kehoe said the project took four years because funding for it trickled in.

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