There are several things in this life that make me happy. For instance, last week I constructed a raised bed. Admittedly, I’m not handy; however, I derived a joyous self-satisfaction from my work.

I then watched a sparrow fly by with a twig in its mouth. I thought, “Who’s happier? That bird is constructing its entire house, while I simply screwed together a few boards!”

I also love to fish with my 7-year-old son. Nothing can surpass the thrill and anticipation of reeling in a smallmouth bass.

However, when I witness an osprey stalking, diving and then snatching its prey from the water, I think, “Who’s happier? Dive bombing onto a fish from a hundred feet in the air certainly appears more thrilling than casting a line!”

As you may have guessed, observing and communing with birds and nature makes me happy. I love living in Maine. Since moving here I have found its people honest, authentic, caring, hardworking and generous.

People here, like myself, generally love living close to nature. That is why it is so incongruous to me that we have elected a governor who appears to be so angry all of the time.

I am sure he is loved as a father and husband, and as such he must exhibit love, compassion, patience and temperance in his private life. But he rarely displays any of these characteristics in public, instead coming off as enraged and vindictive.

My advice for Gov. LePage is to take a walk in the woods, get happy and remember all the wonderful reasons why Maine is the greatest state in which to live.

Scott Morin

South Portland